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Business Credit Cards in Brazil

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Advantages of business credit card

For a long time companies have been slips hostage payments to pay off their debts. Who does not remember the office boys in the ranks of banks with dozens and dozens of invoices to be settled? In fact, this is still a reality for many businesses that have stopped in time and believe that so can keep track of accounts. This is a mistake. Good old paper is no longer entrepreneur friend long ago. It requires a level of organization so excessive that any failure or misstep can lead to a payment penalties and interest.

To try to overcome this archaic system was born the corporate credit card. It’s the same credit that accompanies the consumer, but now in the hands of entrepreneurs who can organize their companies and business a safer way….

Advantages of business credit card

The solution was so well accepted in the business market that card companies have flooded companies with offers of all kinds. Before making your choice to understand the advantages and disadvantages of that choice and how to choose the best offer.

Advantages and disadvantages – Understand first that, in principle, the business credit card is one of the leading solutions for businesses. The good side of having the company’s accounts in one or more than one card appears in the first few months. Let’s see:

Debit and Credit – In general, it has these two functions. A good way for the company is to define what expenses will be charged at the time and which will be for the next month or in installments. For example, emergency purchases spare part can be automatically debited as well as periodic purchases can be made on the credit function. This is just an idea. Each business is different from each other, so each case is different. A service provider, for example, may find interesting settle the month fixed accounts (electricity, telephone etc.) in debt and leave the credit for large purchases because it has a chance to divide the expense.

Management – Cash flow is one of the most important stages of business. Knowing how much money is going out is as important as knowing how much is coming in. If the bills are all concentrated on a card (or even more than one) is normal that the control is greater. Expenditures are there clearly available. Thus, the invoice of the card enters the corporate financial planning. The manager by previous invoices know exactly what your fixed expenses and can plan the course of business strategies knowing that needs to build on these expenses.

Let’s travel – business expenses are generally larger than an individual. This brings us to the programs points and advantages that most card offers. It is vital to choose a card that brings this difference, especially one with miles. This function can be interesting both for the owner of the business you want to travel and therefore have part of their reduced costs, and as a personnel management strategy. As? Be creative with the encouragement to employees. A small example: in the case of a merchant, the sales champion seller can earn gift a plane ticket to a beach in the Northeast. This is just one possibility among many. Be creative. The disadvantage almost single card is to run the risk of paying the overdue bill. The incidence of penalties and interest can be daunting if the bill is high. It’s just one account, yet many people can get lost. The market has developed some financial management solutions to this issue that creates a unique account to the card for expenses and payments are recorded.

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Business Credit Cards in Brazil
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Business Credit Cards in Brazil
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