Prepaid card to travel still worth it?

Advantages of prepaid card for traveling

Prepaid cards to travel: pay with foreign currency card is more expensive, but carry much cash can also be indicated.

After the government has raised the Tax on Financial Operations (IOF) for the purchase of foreign currency in the prepaid card, buy cash for travel has become much cheaper. But that does not fully removed the advantage of prepaid cards that, in the opinion of experts, should not be completely discarded in planning the trip.

While the IOF for the purchase of paper currency is 0.38%, the tax is 6.38% to load the prepaid card, the same percentage for purchases on debit cards and international credit. On the other hand, carry a lot of cash in your pocket can be risky, since the traveler is more vulnerable to theft, theft and loss. In addition, the cards have other advantages and facilities that can help in financial planning. See the pros, cons and indications of each means of payment (cash, prepaid card, credit card and debit card)…

Advantages of prepaid card for traveling

According to the certified financial planner (CFP) by the Brazilian Institute of Financial Professionals Certification (FPSB), Valter Police, travel planning must take into account all the means of payment. Prioritizing either should meet the traveler profile. “If the person prioritizes security, should give preference to the values on the card,” says Police. The director Quotation exchange broker, Alexandre Fialho says that since the measure that raised the IOF prepaid card, the purchase of foreign currency for this payment fell 40%.

“Before, the prepaid card accounted for 50% of our sales volume, with paper money responsible for the other half. After the measurement, there was a migration: 30% of the volume in the prepaid and 70% in paper money, “said Fialho. For him, if the person is willing to pay cheaper, should prioritize the paper money. However, it should take some money in the prepaid card, even if a low amount, such as $ 300.

Prepaid card to travel still worth it?

“If the person is robbed or lose your cash, you can make a charge on the card to not run out of resources. If the card has also been taken, just a call for others to be sent, “says the director of the quotation. According to him, the charge on the card takes less than 24 hours and can be done over the Internet. Already delivering a new card in case of loss or theft occurs within 72 hours and the request is made by telephone.

Furthermore, he explains that the prepaid card still shows advantageous for certain segments, such as parents who send their children abroad for an exchange of many months and companies send their executives travel. “For a young man to go to exchange abroad for six months, for example, it is difficult to take all the cash from Brazil. The prepaid card offers more security, and enables parents make periodic refills, and access the online child extract, “said Fialho.

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