Brazil is the 2nd country with more fraud cards in the world

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Brazil is the 2nd country with more fraud cards in the worldBrazil was second in the ranking with cards fraud in the last five years, behind only Mexico. 49% of Brazilians said they had suffered some type of card fraud. This was the result of a survey by Consumer Card Fraud 2016 in partnership with Aite Group. In the last study on the subject in 2014, Brazil was in 8th place. The survey questioned more than 6,000 customers in 20 countries and revealed that fraud with three types of cards (debit, credit, and prepaid) are increasing worldwide. Compared to the survey released in 2014, 14 countries reported an increase in fraud. Mexico, Brazil and the United States leads the ranking with 56%, 49% and 47% of people claiming to have suffered some type of fraud in the past five years, respectively. Regions with lower rates are the Netherlands (14%) and Hungary (9%)…

Brazil is the 2nd country with more fraud cards in the world

Not surprisingly, there is a direct relationship between fraud and low consumer confidence. And as the data illustrate, it is more critical than ever that financial institutions implement and actively maintain effective fraud prevention solutions that meet customer safety and experience needs, “said Andreas Suma, vice president of ACI Worldwide, company specializing in payment solutions and electronic banking services.

With 2260 only confirmed data breaches in 2015, security remains a key issue within the financial services industry and among consumers. Despite the adoption of fraud analysis solutions for banks and merchants, along with the massive use of the EMV (chip card) in most countries, fraud cards follow growing in much of the world. What increases the number of fraud? risk behaviors, such as leaving the unlocked cell phone when not in use or charge the password annotated card with you, are directly related to the fraud, and the risk has grown increasingly due to the overall increase in the use of smartphones and tablets. Overall, 54% of consumers made at least one risky behavior, against 50% in 2014. Among these people, 58% had experienced fraud. Among the most careful, 36% have gone through this situation.

Consumer dissatisfaction – In addition to the high number of scams, Brazil is also the country with the most dissatisfied consumers with the treatment of banks after this experience. Only 65% of people are partially or fully satisfied with their banks, while in the United States, the country with the most satisfied customers with the treatment of banks, this figure rises to 90%. Get credit card tips by email in Portuguese in Brazil.

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