Business Credit Card Santander

Benefits of Credit Card Business Santander

Business Credit Card SantanderYou use to pay, but do not pay to use. In your business you are everything. Who takes care of finance, accounting, billing, sales. That’s why you need to have at hand a solution that makes your simple day-to-day and your life easier. The card Santander Business helps your company to organize its cash flow because it offers up to 35 days interest free to pay your purchases and up to 40 days interest free to pay their water bills, electricity, telephone and bank slips through ContaPaga Santander.

It improves business management, it allows separate personal expenses from professionals focusing all payments into one bill. Thus, you get more time to devote to what matters: to be successful in business…

Business Credit Card Santander

Check out all the benefits of Santander Business Card:

  • Used, not paid: This card does not charge tuition. There is only a monthly maintenance service that you do not need to pay to use every month your credit card in Santander Business function on a purchase, withdrawal or payment account of any value.
  • It offers up to 35 days without interest to pay for purchases of your company;
  • It offers up to 40 days for payment of utility bills (water, electricity, gas, landline and mobile phone) and compensation records with barcode, and invoices from other bank credit cards. In addition, the registration of utility bills by direct debit to your Santander Business card is possible;
  • Installment purchases and withdrawals: You can spread the purchases up to 24 times in the affiliated establishments and make withdrawals to pay in up to 18 installments;
  • Better control of expenses: consolidated invoice with individual statement for simple conference and differential limit for each carrier (within the company’s credit line);
  • Line of credit: revolving credit of up to 85% of the invoice amount;
  • Internet Banking: it offers various facilities such as: payment of the invoice, invoice query (current, next and last 12), issue 2 via billet, unlock cards, 2nd via password and lock lost or stolen cards. In addition, the Business Internet Banking allows the card management of credit limits of each employee and consultation of shopping launches and withdrawals debt carried by each of the business cards;
  • Withdrawals in local currency in several countries, in boxes of MasterCard networks;
  • Invoice registration possibility in debit;

Santander Business credit card is subject to payment of the tariff denominated “Annuity – differentiated card”, whose value can be found in the current Service Table.

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