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What are the advantages and benefits of credit cards There is much risk in the indiscriminate use of the card. Risk of jeopardizing your future in an often irreparably. It is one of the greatest temptations of modern life. It…

   News about credit cards   

Credit Card Fraud Brazil was second in the ranking with cards fraud in the last five years, behind only Mexico. 49% of Brazilians said they had suffered some type of card fraud. This was the result of a survey by…

   News about credit cards   

Hits New Record the Credit Card Interest and Overdraft It is the highest rate since July 1994, when the research began to be made. This is because, in July, the average rate of the overdraft reached 318.7% per year, while…

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Tips Credit Card and How to Avoid Debt By credit card, the issuer (which is usually a bank), offers a consumer credit limit for it to make payments and purchases of goods and services. No need to have a current…

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Launch of Future Credit Card We have witnessed a major transformation in the way we make payments. The credit card is an old system, which will undergo profound changes in the coming years. There are several predictions and possibilities: virtual…

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News About Credit Card Company MasterCard MasterCard, the second largest operator in the world payments, reported quarterly profit slightly above expectations, with customers spending more using their cards. However, the company’s net profit fell 6% on the jump in operating…

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