Credit Card Bradesco Business Elo

How to Apply for a Credit Bradesco Corporate Card

Credit Card Bradesco Business EloFind out with Bradesco Corporate Credit Card Elo new opportunities to grow your business. It brings together the best services and benefits to facilitate the control of expenses and organize the cash flow of your business. Accepted in thousands of stores in Brazil, serve in accredited and invoice Installment ATMs.

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Credit Card Bradesco Business Elo

Your card provides much features: Changing the password of the card, the password change is only available for Business Credit Cards Elo, with stripe and / or chip, according to the criteria:

The change may be made at any Bradesco branch and through the self-service machines; The new password must contain 6 digits, with the choice of the associated criteria; The transaction will be carried out online; You must have knowledge of the current password to change it. Otherwise, you have to request the 2nd copy of the password and only upon receipt make the change.

SIM unlock – The chip is what’s most advanced technology. It is an integrated microcircuit inserted on credit cards, which in addition to ensuring more security enables you to use various functions in a single card. It is essential to memorize the password because after 3 incorrect consecutive attempts credit card with chip will be locked, making it impossible thus their use. To unlock it, go to any Bradesco agency or unit of the Bradesco Dia & Noite Network, or call our Customer Service Center. Find the Bradesco branch or unit of Bradesco Dia & Noite closer.

2nd copy of the ticket: The limit of the recovery occurs 24 hours found the actual payment and receipt by Bradesco system. Depending on the form of payment used by the member, it must be respected the deadline for compensation 24 to 72 hours, set by the Central Bank of Brazil. While payment is not processed, there may be any lack of authorization to conduct new transactions. In this case, call the Service Center. Payments made on the eve of weekends and holidays, will be processed within 24 hours of the following working day.

Payment of invoices – Payment of the costs of the Credit Bradesco Corporate Elo card can be done through automatic debit Bradesco checking account or through compensation plug accepted at any branch member of the national clearing system, to due date.

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