Credit Card Business Ourocard

How to Apply for a Credit Card Bank of Brazil

Credit Card Business OurocardTips credit cards of the Bank of Brazil, know the advantages and benefits of Ourocard card. Learn the advantages and benefits of business credit card of the Bank of Brazil. Multiple functions that offer convenience to move your business. The Business Ourocard is a card with multiple functions: debit, credit and banking. With it your business has access to credit without bureaucracy acquires goods and services and also helps in managing cash flow.

Some Important Advantages: Paying bills: finance water bills, electricity, telephone, taxes and bank bills in up to 24 installments, with differentiated interest rate. Point Program for Your Company: purchases debt and credit and financing of accounts made with the Business Ourocad generate points that can be transferred to frequent flyer programs, for individual carriers, and / or exchanged for discount on the invoice. More information…

Credit Card Business Ourocard

Some of the Benefits Featured: Time: Up to 40 days for invoice payment. progressive discounts on annuity: The more you spend on your Business Ourocard, more discounts you can get in annuity. Practicality: With a single card you can shop online, move the current account of your business, withdraw, etc. Control: Purchases can be found in the monthly statements via Financial Manager and Self Service Terminals; Grace period of 6 months to charge tuition.

Rates of credit cards: These are charged at rates Table PJ. Interest rates – Rates vary according to the relationship with the Bank of Brazil. Disclaimer: Terms subject to change without notice. For more information, contact your BB agency. Find more information by visiting the bank website to learn how to apply or learn more advantages and benefits.

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