How to Apply for a Credit Card Itaucard Business MasterCard

Itaucard Corporate MasterCardIf you are looking for a business card with more advantages and benefits, then know Itaucard Business MasterCard. Suitable for micro and small businesses, it is a practical and safe way to pay the costs. Purchases can be paid in up to 12 times, with or without interest, according to the establishment. Payment for purchases can be done within 40 days, depending on the invoice due date, and the invoice amount can be financed up to 24 times fixed…

How to Apply for a Card Itaucard Business MasterCard

Your business can include as many cards as you like and control is done through a single invoice and payment date. Exclusive for those who have account in Banco Itaú. Here are some features of the card – Annuity with Rewards Program: R $ 210.00 in 12x of $ 17.50 – Annuity without Rewards Program: R $ 156.00 in 12x R $ 13.00

Your company can participate in the Rewards Program Itaucard Business Rewards. The invoice can be parceled up to 24x fixed. With it, you can pay the bills of your business.

Business Rewards Program – Your company can hire the Business Rewards program in which all the expenses of the linked card purchases are converted into points and are retained in the company’s account. The points can be exchanged for office products, magazines and airline miles and more. Joining the program is optional and can be done only by the authorized representative through Itaú your account manager or through the Service Itaucard Business Center.

You Make More Credit with your Business Card: Parcel bill of your company whenever you need. The total amount of your bill can be paid in installments in up to 24 fixed and the credit limit will be recomposed as the installments are paid. Check availability and interest rates of each option before hiring. Pay the bills of your business always up to date. You can focus on the payment of bills and slips in one day: the winning card. Thus, your company gains up to 40 days to pay, according to the due dates of the accounts and the card. Receive our free tips on business credit cards – Fill out the form with your name and email to receive our news free.

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