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Credit MB Business CardLearn some tips on business credit cards, advantages and benefits of using a good credit card. Accepted in Brazil and abroad, the Company MB Credit Card offers a special credit line. Thus, your company can invest and grow, planning to pay the costs. The card that understands and meets your company: the invoice due date according to the convenience of your business. guaranteed financing and no paperwork through the revolving credit. Elimination of operational procedures for advances and reimbursement of travel, optimizing cash flow. centralized expenses on a single monthly invoice with detailed identification of the expenses incurred. invoice payment throughout the network Mercantil agencies in Brazil, through the clearing and Internet plug. Financial planning: deadline for payment of expenses by up to 40 days without interest…

Credit MB Business Card

Security and comfort that you take in your pocket: Convenience accountability and expenses conference. Tranquility in case of unforeseen expenses. Assistance in domestic and international travel. Use the numeric password for purchases using the credit function (functionality available to chip cards). Learn more advantages and benefits of business credit cards.

Values of annuity business card: R $ 160.00 per card, divided into 4 portions on your card statement. The card prerequisites: accountholders Companies in MB, with at least 1 year of foundation. minimum accounting income of R $ 15,000.00 (monthly average). If you like these conditions to get the card, then go and learn how to apply for your card now!

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