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Everything about the Visa Business Card

   Visa Business Card   

Advantages and Benefits of the business card

Everything about the Visa Business CardThe Visa Business is accepted at over 29 million merchants and can be used to withdraw cash at over 1 million ATMs (ATMs) around the world. With it, you access the card account of your company in a simple and efficient way, exchanging payments in paper such as checks and cash, for a means of electronic payment.

Requesting BRB Card Visa Business – What are the benefits and advantages: Period up to 40 days to pay – To withdraw cash and make purchases on credit function, the carrier has a period of up to 40 days to pay your bill, depending on the day of purchase / loot…

Everything about the Visa Business Card

Benefits of Business BRB card with Visa – Visa Corporate Business Club – With the Visa Business Card BRB you have access to the Visa Business Business Club, a portal that offers unique advantages for your company grow.

Deals – Exclusive Prices on products and services for small and medium enterprises. webshop – Wide variety of products and brands with payment in up to 12x. Entrepreneurs Network – To make new contacts and business. Search partners and be found by others.

Educational content – videos with management experts and other topics with valuable tips for any business. Access site and know the advantages of Visa Corporate Business Club. Visa SMEs – Know the fan page aims to SMEs, a space on Facebook devoted entirely to small and medium entrepreneurs. You will find daily posts with relevant content, inspiring stories, market news, product offerings and services for your business, tips to make your business grow and many other business owners who want to make contact with you.

Invoice Installment – AO customer Card BRB Visa Business can spread the balance of your bill by up to 12 times, with special rates, and continue using your card. Locator Visa ATMs – Holders of Visa Business BRB card can seek information about the location of ATMs Visa / Plus (Visa / Plus ATM lessor) in Brazil, through their mobile devices with access to the internet, The site offers: Search ATMs by: name of the institution or airport, city, address or zip code.

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