12 Tips for Using Credit Cards Wisely

Experts give 12 tips for using credit cards to your advantageThe debt credit card is one of the main dangers of the household budget, since the fees for the use of revolving credit card reached an average 241.61% per year, according to a survey by the National Association of Finance Executives (Anefac) in September.

But is that the card is just a villain or can also be an ally of the household budget? “The credit card is just a tool, a means of payment. For those who know how to use, can bea great ally,” says Oswaldo Sena, certified financial planner by the Brazilian Institute ofFinancial Professionals Certification (FPSB)…

Experts give 12 tips for using credit cards to your advantage

The credit card can be used to focus the expenditures made during the month in one account, enabling better control of spending, as the invoice is very detailed. The card also allows the purchase of a more expensive commodity, postponing the payment to the date on which there is money to pay.

It also has the advantage of providing up to 40 days to pay and benefits such as discounts on cultural programs and points in awards programs (including airline tickets).

12 Tips for Using Credit Cards Wisely

Debt can double in six months – all this will be only advantage, however, if the consumer has control over your spending and never buy beyond what you can pay when the invoice card. “Remember to pay interest is to lose money,” the personal financial planner Roger Nakata.

“O grande perigo é que se a dívida não for paga em dia, ela pode dobrar em seis meses”, afirma Sena, do IBCPF. Ricardo Pereira, do site Dinheirama, afirma que o cartão de crédito não deve ser usado para emprestar dinheiro. “Para isso, é melhor usar outras fontes de crédito, como empréstimo consignado ou pessoal”, diz:

12 Tips for Using Credit Cards Wisely

  1. Before using, make financial planning – Plan to know how much you can spend in the form of card to have money to pay the full bill on the due date.
  2. Write down the expenses – write down all expenses made with credit card so you know where and how more spent.
  3. Use as an instrument of control – the detailed statement of the card can be used as a control instrument to assess where the money goes. Remember that you are not spending “to” card, but spending “in” card, which is only a means of payment, such as cash or check.
  4. Set the limit – Have a limit of less than 50% of its net income to not spend more than you can afford.
  5. Reduce the number of cards – Restrict the number of cards, respecting the income limit. Having too many cards can cause the person to lack the budget, plus the additional expense with annuities.
  6. Have different payment dates – If you have two cards, make sure you have two different dates for payment, preferably with a difference of 15 days between them. This enables better money management.
  7. Take advantage – Learn about the benefits programs for frequent flyer miles and discounts in stores. See tips for using loyalty programs.
  8. Avoid drafts – The fees charged for withdrawals with credit card tend to be high.
  9. Do not walk with no need card – Plan to use the card with planning. For the girls spending day to day, prefer cash, it hurts more spending.
  10. Avoid store cards – Some stores only allow the payment of the invoice within the store, which may encourage more unnecessary consumption.
  11. Negotiate annuity – Do research on the annuity before hiring with the credit card. Check whether you can eliminate this payment.
  12. Avoid rotating – The credit card is not an extra income. Pay only the rotary can make the unpayable debt. If you have difficulties to settle the bill, it is better to borrow money in personal loans, pay off the card in cash and parcel this new loan that has lower interest rates.
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