How to Ask for a Credit Card Itaucard

How to Apply for a Credit Card Itaucard in Brazil

How to Ask for a Credit Card Itaucard2

You can see our cards and choose one that best fits you! To hire, simply fill in the requested data and wait for credit analysis. If the loan is approved, you will receive the card at the address and may use it after the release.

How can I consult my bill before receiving it in the mail? There are two ways to see your bill, one is through the internet through our website you can see the same invoice to the paper would get at home: access your account and type “invoice” in the search field or via SMS Itaú service…

How to Ask for a Credit Card Itaucard

Where can I send the 2nd copy of the invoice with the bar code? On the Internet you have access to invoice identical to the paper would receive at home, you can consult the barcode for payment and still save the invoice file and save it to your computer. Enter your card and password in the top menu of the website. If you have a current account at Itaú, tell your agency and account and enter invoice query in the search field. In the Cards menu, Queries, click Invoice History and select the card you want to view.

You can also save file and save it to your computer. If you have an account at Itaú, visit and type “duplicate” in the search field and you do not have an account at Itaú, visit (route: Credit Card> Consultations > Invoice History). The bar code can also be found in ATMs (route: Credit Card> Consultations> Balance). If you do not have account in Itaú and has a credit card with no password check the bar code through the Call Center.

What is an additional credit card? How do I apply for one? It is a card that allows you to extend to the people of their relationship, over 16s, the same advantages and facilities that your card offers. You remain responsible for the cards issued, and only you will have access to your account and invoice information. Invoice details the costs of each of the cards (holder and additional). Make your request in one of our branches or online (log into your account and type request additional card in the search field).

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