HSBC Business Credit Card

How to Apply for a Business Credit Card from HSBC

HSBC Business Credit CardCredit Card accepted for your company in Brazil and the world. With the Credit Card Business Card HSBC, you can make withdrawals in Brazil and abroad, anytime. Much more control with your HSBC Card: Card by spending individual control. The centralized invoice contains all company expenses in a single bill, and all patients receive reports of your spending, preventing personal expenses to mix with business.

More Practicality – cards for different holders in the company (each carrier receives an individual limit defined within the overall limit of the company). Wide service network – Accepted in Brazil and in the world where MasterCard brand is welcome. Flexibility – With Business Card HSBC, your company has 35 days to pay for purchases and the option to finance the balance on revolving credit…

HSBC Business Credit Card

Learn more about Credit Card Business Card HSBC – Know your features:

  • Accepted Millions of facilities – HSBC Credit Card Business Card is accepted in Brazil and worldwide. With it, your company has the most complete network of facilities and personalized service, wherever you are.
  • Cash withdrawals 24 hours – With Credit Card Business Card HSBC, you can make withdrawals in Brazil and abroad, at any time, the Cirrus network, contracted with Mastercard.
  • Term Differentiated Pay – With Credit Card Business Card HSBC, your company has 35 days to make payment of their expenses, interest rates. Click and see the Contract Your Credit Card Business Card HSBC.
  • Travel Insurance – With MasterSeguro trips, you are guaranteed up to $ 250,000 in personal injury cases provided for in the policy. Whenever you buy the tickets for land authorized public transport, air or sea and pay with your Credit Card Business Card HSBC the travel insurance coverage is automatically validated. The insurance is valid for journeys exceeding a distance of 160 km from the Credit Business Card HSBC card holder’s home.
  • Car Insurance – By paying a rental car with your Credit Card Business Card HSBC in the United States or Canada, you receive at no additional cost, the Automobile MasterSeguro. This variant offers car insurance coverage (up to 310 days), which can reach the real value of the car, in addition to reasonable and customary costs charged by the rental company.

And it has much more advantages and benefits to the business credit cards from HSBC. Visit the bank’s website for more information. Thank you! Sign up for our newsletter and receive news from the site by email.

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