Is Business Credit Card Worth It?

Is Business Credit Card Worth It?

Features of Business Credit Cards

Is Business Credit Card Worth It?

Business credit card is a service that banks and financial institutions offer their business and corporate customers for a loyalty of these and also to give the opportunity of access to credit cards with better terms. As it is a service aimed at legal entities, many are unaware of the operation of this type of card until they receive one of their companies or open a legal account in a bank…

Is Business Credit Card Worth It?

Just like a regular card, there is the possibility of payment in installments, up to 40 days to pay, credit and withdrawal limits, debit function and others. Some cards have no debit function. The fees for these cards are usually lower than those for the individual cards. Annuities are also differentiated and the participation of relationship programs has attractive bonuses and differentials. The business cards can be of the Corporate or Corporate type, varying according to the company’s billing. The first is a more basic model and the second, more complete, includes extra services such as insurance, annuity exemption, personalized services and others.

Fees, fees and interest on corporate credit cards – Since the payment of corporate and business cards is on behalf of the company that has an account with the bank, there are a lot less risks involved, which helps in the collection of fees, Than their physical counterparts. Insurance and other services added to the card can also be purchased at special discounts. Annuity fees may be slightly higher or until there is an exemption from fees, but it depends entirely on the company’s negotiation with the financial institution.

Who pays the company’s credit card? The company’s credit card can be centralized or individualized. In the first case, all credit cardholders’ expenses share the same limit and bill. In the second, each bearer is responsible for the payment of the invoice, also having an individual limit. The company may or may not be responsible for the payment of these cards, this decision being taken before the delivery of these cards to the employees.

Is it worth the company’s credit card?

For both the company and the employee the business or corporate credit card can be a good deal. It is a benefit that if the company chooses not to pay the expenses, it has no cost for it. Already in the option where it pays the expenses of its employees, the card is a way to centralize the finances and to organize them, knowing exactly where and how the employee spent the money. Still worth comparing individual and corporate credit cards before making the contract for one of these cards. It may be more business an individual card depending on the conditions. Everything will be directly related to the company’s ability to negotiate with the bank or financial institution.

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