The Business Card Caixa

Card Business CAIXA MasterCard

Card Business CAIXA MasterCardYour company can rely on the ease of a credit card without losing control of costs. BOX offers credit cards for your business in the MasterCard and VISA. With them, you prevent personal expenses be confused with the company empowers employees to make purchases and still have full control of spending. You can determine different purchase limits for each carrier of the cards and keep track of all expenses incurred by the bill.

MasterCard Global Service – Carrier Card Business CAIXA MasterCard has emergency assistance service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the US and Canada, please call 1-800-307-7309. For other countries, call collect to 1-636-722-7111…

The Business Card Caixa (BOX)

What are the advantages of the business card: Different limits for each carrier – can be set for each card of your company, the maximum amount of monthly purchases Installments up to 48 times – Options for interest-free installments.; installment purchases in up to 48 interest. rotating system of financing – You can choose between revolving credit or in installments and has several maturity dates to choose from. Credit limit for cash withdrawal – Make withdrawals at Banco 24 Horas and track expenses for their invoice Via Mobile Messaging – SMS:. Get carried out transactions messages and security of your credit card by sending service SMS. Ask to join the service by the Service Center Caixa Cards. Find other advantages and benefits of the best credit cards online. Join now!

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