The future credit card

Launch of Future Credit Card

The future credit cardWe have witnessed a major transformation in the way we make payments. The credit card is an old system, which will undergo profound changes in the coming years. There are several predictions and possibilities: virtual wallets, cards with dynamic numbering, use of biometrics, among others.

The major players in this market are attentive and try to dictate the path of change. VISA recently opened a site developer, in order to bring to your environment the welcome innovation of startups in the area, providing easy access to its processes and systems. Instead of long contracts, with guarantees, sigils, etc., a simple registration form and ready, the developer will already be able to make use of a system library that will allow you to integrate your products to services VISA…

The future credit card

In a recent interview with Quartz site, the head of Innovation at Visa, Jim McCarthy, he pointed out some of the initiatives that are under development. One of them is the partnership with Morpho, a leading Indian company in biometric access. The prototype scans the user’s hand and associates to the credit card number. So when the client is a property and want to make the payment, just slide your hand over a machine, it is immediately identified and payment processed.

Launch of Future Credit Card

Another innovation is the pre-drawing in ATM. The client tells, through an application on the phone, as he wants to withdraw from an ATM, and to approach it, a reader recognizes your iris and provides money without the customer to type anything at all, or insert your card. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, VISA, along with Accenture, presented the connected car, which is able to process payments through the system on your dashboard. It identifies, for example, how many liters of fuel the car needs to fill the tank, and to arrive in the post, the system asks the customer if he authorizes the payment. After authorization, the fuel pump is released, with the amount paid. The same can happen with food, pharmacy and many other outlets.

Another aspect are the payments made with the use of Artificial Intelligence, which may use devices like the Amazon Echo Apple’s Siri, Google Now, why not Facebook. VISA see possible integrations with these companies so that the user can make purchases with a simple voice command, without leaving the place where it is.

As you can see, we will see in the coming years interesting changes in this area which will generate relevant behavioral changes, with unknown impacts. Do these payment facilities may lead, for example, an increase in consumption? What business opportunities will open from these new behaviors? These are questions we can only answer with time. See more information and news about credit cards!

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